I have been to many masseuses.  It has been a long quest trying to find one that I really connect, Griselde fits the bill.  Her massages are not just a massage, but a total treatment experience in itself.  She listens to you before you even start. Then tailors the massage to what you say, therefore each one is slightly different. During the session she also makes sure you are staying focused and are an active participant in your own treatment.

The only issue is that it can become addictive and waiting for the next one is hard. As I expressed one day in a e-mail, “She is almost as addictive as pistachios”.

Her hands can work wonders and you should experiment yourself.

Anthony J.


Griselde worked at Harmoni between 2007 and 2010 as a therapeutic and spiritual coach. Combining mind-body work, massage, energy work, and Ortho-Bionomy, along with her own techniques and methods, I have full confidence in her. Professional and experienced, caring, and full of compassion, she offers an unparalleled quality and attention to her clients. These qualities are those that have allowed her to succeed as a world-class athlete in 2010 and I am proud to have supported her through this adventure.

RukhshanaSurty – Director of Harmoni Holistic Center



All is well. Family, love and career are all going great. Thank you for helping me find my light and burn brighter. I am forever grateful. Hope all is well on your end & you are continuing your gift of lifting other’s spirits.

Natalie S.

Être soi-même dans un monde qui nous pousse toujours à être ce que nous ne sommes pas est le plus grand accomplissement qu’il soit.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Le succès n’est pas définitif, l’échec n’a rien de fatal; c’est le courage que l’on a pour continuer qui compte.

Winston Churchill


Thank you for this great weekend which allowed me to regain strength on many levels. I do my 5 Tibetans daily, breathe deeply several times a day, go for walks, thinking about your powerful teachings. I have a pot of seeds on my kitchen and I am finally digging into it. I now flirted with organic food and see that being vigilant and adjusting my everyday with small actions change it all.

As my very first smoothie I made few weeks later, each thing you taught me start to take place.

Kathleen W.


Finding you before my knee surgery was more than I could expect. After seeing you for a year on a constant base, all is well. My knee, family, love and career are all going great. Thank you for helping me find my light and burn brighter. I am forever grateful. Hope all is well on your end & you are continuing your gift of lifting other’s spirits.

Natalie S.


I chose to face my fears and go to your workshop. At the end of the first day, everything seemed insurmountable. At this time, something strong happened.

You‘ve absorbed my anger and able to calm my dismay. You confronted me certainly, but what emerged was a sense of respect, acceptance of others… I never would have expected your openness, your refine presence.

Since, I feel better in my life and with my life. I‘m in a good mood and emotionally more stable. I am becoming more firm about my opinions. The benefits are so numerous.

Lorraine C.


After my separation took me by surprise, I didn’t feel like myself, I was empty, lost; I didn’t have any direction anymore. Between my condo, family stress, and finding myself single once again, I was lost without a guiding light in sight- it was hell.

Today, I consciously breathe. I feel much better. After only 4-5 sessions, I regained control. I feel like I have the tools. I found my direction. Clearly, I still know that I’m predictable to those around me but I feel like with the power of practice, everything is falling into place. Each time I come out of the office, I feel stronger, full of life, and I manage to realize when I am playing games with myself. I see the road I need to take.

Marjolaine R.



Griselde combines a perfect blend of proven techniques and sharp intuition, which she developed over the course of years and years of practice and training. Regardless of whether my body hurt or my heart ached, I always left feeling lighter, more comforted, and better in my skin.

Lise T.




I have regularly consulted Griselde for 2 ½ years now. She has brought so much through sessions and massages. Seeing Griselde is like talking to your psychologist, followed by a good massage.

During a massage with Griselde, I am completely conscious of my entire body for the entire duration. I don’t fall asleep during the massage, I savor every moment. I leave with the feeling of my body being completely relaxed.

She offered me the best massage of my life, multiple times- I still find myself beings surprised. I didn’t think it was possible that she could out-do herself, and then she does it.

Griselde, Griseeelde, GRISELDE… There’s nothing else to say!
You just simply have to go!”

M-C. G