The courses and workshops highlights, clarifies, and drives in the essentials.

Her teaching draws on a variety of traditional spiritual sources and as well as modern science and psychology. She personalizes every interaction using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

Full of humor and a powerful presence, she proposes simple and effective methods to keep our lives under control. Strong and evocative, her teachings open the force within us to allow us to calmly tackle the challenges in our lives..

n her classese and workhops, Griselde will help you integrate the essentials back into your life to find more energy and balance and finally take control of our lives.

Taking responsibility for our selves physically, mentally, spiritually, and in our relationships is a slow process.

The ultimate goal is to take the time to be present and connect with ourselves and with nature. She teaches how to integrate her teachings to walk on the path toward vitality, energy, and happiness.

Transformational and resourceful, the workshops and courses are created to nourish and energize you. In understanding what forces us to survive rather than fully live, Griselde will bring you the essentials to find the balance necessary to take back the reins.

These courses and workshops allow you to find the momentum and resources to dive head first in a new, grounded perspective.

Wellbeing and happiness can be more than a dream, but a reality!

The workshops are meant for anyone who wants to understand how breathing, grounding, self-actualization can allow them to reach their full potential.

Those who wish to march on the path of self-discovery with discipline will be rewarded.

Self-esteem, authenticity, confidence, perseverance, affirmation, and responsibility are the key topics touched on.

  • To find and maintain a dynamic life and good health
  • Attain a better emotional, mental, and physical state
  • Drastically increase your energy, concentration, and focus
  • Tap into the energy to motivate you to accomplish your dreams
  • Strengthen your immune system to build a better foundation for overall health
  • Feel good in your heart, your mind and your body
  • Making time and energy to take control of yourself
  • Calmly overcome obstacles on your path
  • Unleash the power within yourself to get the quality of live you want and deserve
  • Find the strength you never you knew had and learn how to harness its power, even for a fraction of a second
  • Build winning strategies to get what you want
  • Transform fear into power and overcome the obstacles that are hindering you from achieving your goal
  • Surpass your own limits and tap into the wealth of resources within yourself like all leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, and champions do
  • Transform dreams into reality
  • Boost and solidify your friendships and relationship
  • Find passion and joy in yourself and those that surround you




From being emotional to sensitive… Learn how to manage your emotions and be well within.

Series of  3 courses over two weeks
Price : $140 taxes included


Thursday 9th and 23rd of October
and 6th of November – 6:30pm to 8:15

“Emotions do not come to us… it is us who go to them”

In 3 courses, you will manage to integrate this mantra and start to master the waves of emotion we encounter.

Ease your anxiety, manage your stress, get out of depression, reduce your dependencies, face your separation/divorce/loss, build your confidence, overcome shyness, learn to validate yourself, calm your temper/grief/aggression, stop procrastinating, teach your children without losing your cool, learn to motivate yourself and other, have a healthier relationship… whatever it may be.

  • Learning the foundational principles of emotional management
  • Integrating the valuable tools and practice exercises based on breathing
  • Understanding the root source of your emotions, fears, and limitations and learning to channel it to a healthier place
  • Discovering the secrets to emotional balance

Location: George McLeish Community Centre
20 Morningside Avenue
Senneville, QC H9X 1A3



The essentials to attaining a life full of energy and vitality (health and nutrition)

Series of 3 courses over two weeks
Price : $140 tax included


Thursday 20th November, and the 4th and 18th of december 6:30  to 8:15 pm

3 courses… 7 steps toward a life full of energy!

These 3 courses will give you the 7 necessary forces to find extraordinary energy in a record time. Each step will be studied, felt, and practiced. The teachings that come from the courses provide you with a sense of independence and a concrete feeling of inner strength.

Well being, health, and happiness will not be just an option, but the obvious choice!

  • The power of breathing
  • The power of emotions
  • The power of water
  • The power of exercise
  • The power of alkalinity
  • The power of eating healthy
  • The power of radiating

Location : Centre communautaire George McLeish
20, Avenue Morningside
Senneville (Québec) H9X 1A3



Lay new foundation and regain your strength… Your smile!

Price : $150 tax included
Meals, snacks, and drinks (gluten free and organic)


Sunday 2nd of November
9:00 am t0 4:30 pm


Sunday 30th November
9:00 am t0 4:30 pm

Find the time to meditate, live in the present, receive helpful advice, and listen to yourself over the course of this workshop.

You will be introduced to meditation and to the secret of the 5 Tibetans. You’ll connect with nature and with the profound depth of yourself that will allow you to rejuvenate and refuel.

  • 5 simple movements of yoga that are easy to do but carry tremendous power. A well kept secret until the 1930’s, directly from the Tibetan highlands – the practice can be completed in less than 10 minutes and gives the body and spirit an unparalleled vitality and vibrancy.

Location : Centre communautaire George McLeish
20, Avenue Morningside
Senneville (Québec) H9X 1A3
(Insurance receipt available to cover a portion or the entire cost)
*Deposit (non-refundable): $150
* Discount: $50 if you register online before 2014

MORE THAN A RETREAT... A full weekend of healing, teachings, and transformations (2 1/2 days accommodation in a stunning location)

This retreat that lasts 2 and a half days is especially known to connect with the force within you, which is the source of your potential energy, and to recharge and refuel it.

Housed and fed in a magnificent environment, this beautiful way of healing, finding your momentum, and diving into new perspectives about your daily life!

  • Steps to redirect your power and energy
  • The basics of emotional balance to combat emotional over-sensitivity
  • The impacts of a positive attitude on how we set ourselves up for our goals
  • The essentials to get extraordinary energy
  • The foundations of healthy eating (with the Smoothie workshop)
  • Introduction to meditation and the 5 Tibetan movements (5 powerful yoga positions that come from Tibetan highlands and were kept a secret until the 1930’s. The practice can be completed in less than 10 minutes but gives the body and spirit a dynamic vitality)
  • Means and solutions to integrate all this into your every day

346 Chemin du Boisé, Ste-Sophie (Québec) J5J 2M2
*Four star accomodation
*Meals, snacks, and drinks (gluten free and organic)

PRICE : $650 (taxes included)
(Insurance receipt available to cover a portion or the entire cost)
*Deposit (non-refundable): $200
* Discount: $50 if register 2 weeks minimum in advance

Smoothies workshop

Do you know the Green Smoothie? This cocktail, made up of fruits and vegetables and brimming with good nutriment is all the rage in the summer- BUT IN WINTER TOO!!

–          alkaline effect

–          virtues of the smoothie

–          why continue during winter

–          recipes

Location : Centre communautaire George McLeish
20, Avenue Morningside
Senneville (Québec) H9X 1A3
PRICE : 40$ taxes in.